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We are always available to advise and help when it comes to feeding dogs and their nutritional needs. We have listed below the answers to a number of questions we are frequently asked so please have a quick look and see if your question is answered. If not feel free to email one of the team using the contact form here.

Try our new product selector on our Home page for some help. If you have any further questions please get in touch. (http://feedwell.truska.co.uk/dog-food)
This is the mineral content of the food left behind following the cooking process and it actually contains many essential minerals including calcium, phosphorous, iron and zinc.
We do, currently Feedwell Supreme, Puppy and Mini are all wheat gluten free.
We do ☺. We are the only manufacturer of dog nuts in Northern Ireland and very proud of it. We manufacture in small 1 tonne batches ensuring quality and traceability throughout the process, from selection of raw materials right through to quality control at the end of the line.
Yes. We have a product to suit all breeds, lifestages and activity levels. From puppies to our Feedwell Sport.
Not necessarily, there is variation from our raw ingredients which can make batches look slightly darker or lighter depending on that. Having said that, our stringent quality control measures means that every bag of Feedwell is consistently manufactured to the highest level for your dog.
Every dog is different but check out the side of our packs for some advice to get you started or click on the product of your choice on the website for further details.
Like us, some dogs are fussier than others. If truth be told often this is down to us as much as them. Are you giving scraps here and there for instance. If you are having issues with your dog eating from their bowl, cut out treats etc. Leave your dogs dish down (if they don't eat take it away again until next feeding time) your dog won't starve. Persist with this technique and your dog will learn quickly we promise.
The short answer is No. The only variation many of our users might make is to vary between maintenance and sport depending on their activity levels. Other than that your dog is perfectly happy eating their Feedwell day in day out for their entire life. Read some of other customers stories here.
When introducing your dog to any new product, introduce it very slowly to the new product over the course of 4-5 days. Mixing 10% new to 90% old and progressing to 50/50 and so on. It may take up to a week for your dogs body to adjust to the new food. But your dog will be spot on in no time. Doing this will help your dogs body adapt to the new food and help avoid stomach upsets.
No. Feedwell is a complete food and contains everything your dog needs for a healthy, happy and active life.