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Many dog owners who feed Feedwell products let us know how well their dogs do on our feeds and we like to share their comments and stories with you both here on this page and on our Facebook page.
If you have a review of our product please let us know through our contact form or Facebook


"Wanted to drop you a quick email to say what a great product you are supplying.

I have 3 dogs, an English Mastiff, a Hungarian Pointer and a very elderly Jack Russell. I've always fed my dogs with a premium dog food but was finding the cost was becoming prohibitive (especially as Archie is still growing and is already tipping the scales at over 50 kgs)! Feedwell Supreme was recommended to me by staff at Pets at Home and I have been using it for 2 months. My dogs are in superb condition and I'm regularly complimented on them.

I always recommend your dog food when talking to other dog owners and can't speak highly enough about it. Such a high quality dog feed and a really reasonable price.

So thank you very much for a great food (if I hadn't found it I would have had to consider giving up my lovely Archie). Keep up the good work and I will continue to sing your praises.

Many thanks from a very happy dog owner."

Kate Thompson (Archie and gang) Lisburn

I know many people complain but not enough compliment so I am so happy to do the latter. I have fed my cream coloured Golden Retriever on your food since I had him from 1 year old, he is now 5 years old and the vet is always complimenting me on his condition, his general health and his coat and teeth. I am sure this is down to your Supreme dog food and maybe his walks in the park where people also say what a lovely looking dog and what good condition he is in, so much so that now 3 others have changed their dogs food to this supreme food because of the way Bayley looks, I think thats all O have to say for now.

Being a 72 year old the complements are more than welcome so I share them with you and thanks again."

Shirley Roberts (Bayley) Tullamore

"Thank you for your amazing food. Last year my Saint Bernard was on another food brand and he was very lazy, docile and not playful at all. We changed him to Feedwell food and within 2-3 days he was a different dog, playful and energetic and acted like a pup again.

I am just shocked at how a change in food can completely change a dog's life. Feedwell is the only brand I ever recommend and it will be all my new puppy will eat."

Phil Donnan (St Bernard) Newtownards

My dogs have been fed on Feedwell dog food for approximately fifteen years. My dogs have won the IKC Retriever Championship twice and have been placed a further four times. My Labradors and Cocker Spaniels are fed on Feedwell Sport which maintains my dogs in top condition for competing at the highest level. I highly recommend the Feedwell brand for all your requirements.

Damian Newman - Killyleagh

"My mini labradoodle is nearly 3 and has always had dietary problems. We have tried many different foods but nothing totally agreed with her so after some advice from Vicky at Feedwell I decided to try Feedwell Supreme, what a difference this has made, no more tummy upsets, my crazy doodle has more energy than ever before and she loves it.

Thank you for the advice, I definitely recommend Feedwell."

Pamela Wilson (Molly) Belfast

"I have been using Feedwell Supreme for many years, Obie just one of my pack of eight have all excelled on this complete dog food."

Liam O'Shea (Obie) Cork

"My son William and myself breed, train and work a mixture of Labradors and Welsh Cocker Spaniels (11 at present) on grouse moors early in the season and on 2 estates for pheasant and partridge shooting from October to January.

We have been feeding Feedwell Sport (used to be Turbo) for around 20 years to excellent effect--- the 26% protein and oil keep the dogs in good condition during the working season, they work hard 5 days a week for 6 weeks at the grouse and a little less for the 3 months (3/4 days a week) at pheasants. The food keeps well is easy to feed dry and the dogs love it."

George Sangster - Montrose, Scotland

I have been very successful with my bitch "Holly" winning a total of 39 Championship Points including 6 excellent gradings, probably making her one of the most successful pointers of all time in this country.

I have been using Feedwell for over 10 years. It continues to deliver for me and my dogs day in day out in the field. A truly quality food. Highly recommend.

Image: Mr Kieran Fox and his field Trial Champion Gramhey River Falcon.

Kieran Fox (Holly) Armagh

"Juke completely loves Feedwell food keeps in top condition & brilliant value for money for what you get for 15kg bag love it & one happy beagle & owner :)"

Adam McCullough (Juke)

"We have had our two labradors on puppy Feedwell then moved on to Feedwell Maintenence once they reached the appropriate age... I would never use anything else, perfectly happy healthy dogs, which of course means a happy owner :)

Jacqueline Thompson (Cooper and Coby) Larne

"I couldn't keep weight on my 13 month old Weimaraner with well known brands. I started feeding him the recommended amount of Feedwell and his weight increased. I've stuck with Feedwell and he has maintained his weight and is in great condition!"

Sonya Duffy (Weimaraner) Carrowdore

"Since putting Hank on your food we have noticed a big difference in his skin and even his behaviour."

Joanne Meadows (Hank) Belfast

"Hi. Was speaking to your sales team and was so pleased to learn of your gluten free feeds.

Here are my pomskies fed on your feedwell puppy . Thank you Deborah."

Deborah (Happy Pups) Carrickfergus

Check out this great wee note we got from a happy customer recently...

"My name is Niamh, i am 15 and have 2 dogs. Pyper is 10 years old and is a Staffy/Labrador cross and Bubbles is a 2 year old Jack Russell. Pyper loves all food but most upset her tummy. Bubbles is quite fussy but they both love Feedwell Maintenance and it doesn't upset Pyper's tummy. Thank you for making such a good food..

Thank You

Niamh (Pyper and Bubbles) Balywalter

"A two time member of Irish International team at the CLA, I have won multiple field trials over the years and have a highest placing of 3rd at the Irish Retriever Championship. Top dog at numerous working tests and game fairs.

I have been feeding Feedwell Sport to my Labs for many years and can't recommend it highly enough."

John Wilson - Killyleagh